Quality vs Cheap Shoes for Kids

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Quality, orthopedic shoes form children's feet assuring proper growth and foot development. Orthopedic shoes are required for every child not just those with specific feet problems. Although, they will tremendously help children with pronation, pigeon toes, collapsed ankles and decreased arch support. Every child should wear only quality shoes at all times since they correctly shape kids feet and assist in posture development. In Europe children shoes are viewed as a health products then fashion therefore shoes are made to highest quality standards imposed by European manufacturing. Furthermore, European parents buy only quality shoes for their children and as a result children grow up without any foot problems or posture defects. In Europe, the average pair of shoes is equally expensive and costs between 80-140 Euro, however every parent views quality shoes as a "developmental need" not as a fashion statement. More money is spent on the children's shoes then clothes. Two pairs of quality shoes are needed per season for rotation.


United States is currently flooded with cheap Chinese imports and at the present time there is no brand that sells quality, orthopedic shoes for children. Every brand sold in USA is poor quality, made out of low grade leather (faux or low quality leather, rubber or plastic) and contains no orthopedic support of any kind. Furthermore, majority of leather on kids shoes contains various toxic substances like lead or mercury. Just read the recent article that highlights the Chinese imports. Lead Tainted Kids Shoes from China Seized at the Seattle Port. Quality and craftsmanship is being sacrificed for big corporate profits and therefore every major label imports shoes from low production cost countries like China, Vietnam, India and Sri Lanka. In China average cost of production of one pair of child shoes is only $2 to $4 then imagine the quality of product that you getting after retail markup. Therefore, the only obvious choice are European made quality shoes. If you buying "cheap",  "non-orthopedic" shoes it is guaranteed that your child will develop various feet deformities such as: flat feet, pigeon toes, collapsed ankles, back problems and pain of low extremities. Later, orthopedic doctors visits are needed and expensive custom made orthodics to correct the problem. Orthodics (inserts for the shoes) will frequently make an improvement but they never restore the feet to original condition. Therefore, we recommend to buy only quality shoes for your child to avoid further orthopedic problems.


European children shoes correct many feet conditions and over time properly line-up little growing feet. They provide
needed support for children as their bodies grow and develop.

Supportive Shoes

best quality leather or canvas that does not contain cfc's
have arch support present (built into the sole or interior lining)
breathable antibacterial innersole (feet do do not sweat)
offered as narrow or wide soled
feature supportive heel that it is needed for small children
flexible rubber soles with traction
none marking soles made with quality rubber
light, flexible and not restrictive

None Supportive Shoes

low quality or faux leather always contains lead or mercury (made in China)
does not feature any arch support
no antibacterial innersole (feet sweat and smell)
offered as one width only (often wide)
does not offer any supportive heel
stiff soles with no traction
marking soles due to low quality rubber
heavy, bulky, stiff and restrictive


Quality shoes always feature support to properly develop and shape small growing feet. They are always made out of soft leather, have arch support, breathable leather innersoles, flexible soles with traction.

Supportive Shoes

correctly develops feet, ankles and joints
develops arch support
forms flat feet and posture
corrects pronation, pigeon toes condition
prevents tip toeing due to supportive, sturdy heel
lines ups the feet (over time child positions the feet straight when walking)
forms ankles and provides needed support
feet never smell due to breathable antibacterial innersole
comfort, durability and quality during wear
expensive but best quality that you can buy

None Supportive Shoes

deforms feet, ankles and joints
diminishes and destroys arch support
creates deformed feet and bent posture
does not feature any arch support
creates deformed feet and bents posture
develops pigeon toe condition
develops pronation (ankles turning inwards)
develops tip toeing due to soft none supportive heel
develops posture problems in adulthood
feet smell due to synthetic or faux leather lining
discomfort, no durability and no quality during wear
inexpensive but over time they deform child's feet

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