Ankle Pronation Stop Kids Corrective Shoes

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Check out this VIDEO showing in detail how pronation effect the body, feet, posture and knees.

Watch the
VIDEO about importance of good shoes for kids. (Biogateo is just one brand we carry but orthopedic requirements of every European made brand are the same).

All foot problems can be prevented when child wears only appropriate supportive shoes from baby to adulthood.

Quality shoes will stop tiptoe, pigeon toes, ankle pronation as kids feet are shaped and aligned by shoes they wear.

Quality shoes offer appropriate orthopedic support, ankle support, heel support and they shape feet correctly.

Feet carry entire body therefore, if they are deformed or pronated entire posture will cause to shift.

That is why we advise to every parent to put only quality shoes on their children and not to rotate between low quality not orthopedic ones.

Remember, whatever quality shoe lines up the foot the cheap one destroys the line-up therefore avoid cheap none supportive shoes in general.

Avoid local (made in China) none-supportive shoes in general - they are the ones causing flat feet, ankle pronation and pigeon toes since they do not provide any support.

It is best to buy 2 pairs of quality shoes per season then (6-7 months of wear) then 10 pairs of poorly made ones. 

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